Your new prism or mirror glasses from Geldmacher

As a specialist optical company, we have long concerned ourselves with two forms of age-related macular degeneration and how to give visually impaired people a significant increase in their quality of life.

This is made possible through the NuCentro, a special system of glasses that makes use of the latest findings regarding eccentric fixation as well as the plasticity of the brain and nervous system.

The patient looks, so to speak, around the damaged area.

To put it in precise medical terms: the prismatic shift of the fixation point on the retina along with a shape factor integrated in the glass enable the fixation direction and posture of the patient to be influenced in a positive way.

The purpose of this measure is the gradual reprogramming of the oculocentric directions of the undamaged retinal points to form a new correspondence centre. To date, we have been able to achieve major successes for our customers in the direct improvement of visual abilities with our self-developed NuCentro AMD glasses, for which patents have been applied for.


Augenoptik Geldmacher
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