Your new contact lenses from Geldmacher

These days, contact lenses provide a very good alternative to traditional glasses. They are more convenient for many situations because they do not restrict the field of vision. And contact lenses go with the eye movements and don't fog up. That's why they are, for example, the perfect "companion" for sports activities or even when you go out in the evening or at the weekend.

Contact lenses do not sit directly on the cornea of the eye, but "float" on a thin film of tears. Basically, a distinction is made between soft contact lenses and those that are dimensionally stable (hard).
With regard to their possible useful life, you can also choose between daily, weekly and monthly disposable lenses, and even permanent ones. Thanks to the great variety of contact lenses available on the market, most optical refractive errors can be corrected well.

Whether you go for soft or hard lenses, lenses that have to be replaced regularly or those that last for years, single vision or multifocal lenses, one thing is true: contact lenses are now in widespread use! Let us advise you on what freedom contact lenses can offer you at work, doing sports and in your leisure time! Thanks to modern technology, contact lenses have now become true all-rounders.

At Geldmacher Opticians in Bad Salzdetfurth, we have the equipment and expertise to make your first contact with us a pleasant experience.

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